Hope Springs Eternal

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Looking about the garden it is wonderful to see the new buds on some of the plants, shoots breaking through the soil and some of the plants I thought were dead are definitely showing signs of growth, of new life. The daffodils in our gardens and along the hedgerows make us all the more cheerful. This is the season of hope.

It is an immense privilege each year to be able to attend church on Easter morning and share the real Joy of celebrating our Risen Lord.  We are able to celebrate the fact that we are an Easter People. It can be too easy to focus on the negative and be scared of change and new things but we are a resurrection people called to be positive and place our faith in Christ, who was dead but is now alive; let’s face it things do not get more positive than that.

In this season of Eastertide it is a time to rejoice and celebrate our Risen Lord. Lent has now passed, the time of abstinence has gone, now is the time to take up new ventures, new opportunities. In this season we should be Joyful and Confident about all that the Lord has planned for us, individually and as a church. It is a time of planting, not only in our gardens but in planting new seeds of faith in our villages with family, friends and neighbours and those we meet as we travel through life.

Some of us attended the Discipleship Development Plan course that was run in the South Ormsby Group, and is now being run in part of the Deanery at the moment. It was a time to really look at where we are as a group and what would we like to happen in the future. It allowed time to stand back and really assess things and see what could be done in the future. It may have been sobering but the disciples must have had to stand back and take stock after all they had experienced. First there was Good Friday but then came Easter Morning and they were to witness the Risen Christ in their life.

We too can share our stories of our faith and our experiences and help our churches to grow, to share with each other the love and the resurrection power of God in our lives and in our communities. Let us be willing to sow seeds of hope so that those we meet may also meet with Christ.

Easter Blessings


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