The End of June

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The Feast of St Peter and St Paul (29th) marks the end (almost) of June each year (you know 30 days hath Sept — etc.) but for us in Christ’s family it is filled with beginnings. Peter & Paul were two extraordinary human beings whose lives we can look back on with amazement when we realise the enormous change God performed in their lives. Impetuous fisherman to God’s chosen leader and Bigoted Religious fundamentalist to God’s chosen teacher. The fact is that God does not close things down but he enables new beginnings. For many of us who are ordained into the ministry of the Church the end of June marks that new beginning.

This end of June brings two stages of ministry which mark new beginnings for both Cheryl Hilliam and Sam Parsons. I know Cheryl has seen her stepping down from being Parish Priest with us for the South Ormsby Group as an opportunity for a new form of ministry for which she has taken study leave to prepare for what God has in store for her. We say such a huge thankyou to her (and to Ted) for the sheer amount of love and clarity she has given during her time at SOG and we know she will bring that to her retirement ministry in Horncastle.

Sam will start her curacy in Horncastle too (I was wondering about transfer fees?) and with Rup, will be a great blessing to the discovery of the Kingdom there. We pray for them both and I hope as many of us as possible will celebrate on 26th at the Cathedral with Sam in the morning and at South Ormsby in the evening with Cheryl.

Yours Peter

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